While Elliot is recovering from a knee injury missing the Cowboys victory over the Chicago Bears and spending the past few weeks tending to his injury. Cowboys are currently opting to elevate a running back from their practice team, who can either be in insurance or an active replacement for Elliot. The Cowboys raised running back Katria Allison before the game against Green Bay. Allison joined the Cowboys team recently and debuted in just one game this season with just two offensive snaps against the Bears. Allison is one of the most impressive touchdown to touch rates in the NFL. According to the pro football reference, the 26 years old Allison has scored five NFL touchdowns in just 44 running touches.

In three years with the Atlanta Falcons, Allison was used on offense and on special teams but his primary role was short yard situations. As a rookie, that earned him four touchdowns in eight games after which he would only appear 11 times over the next two seasons but had a respectable 105 yards and 21 touches in 2021 before leaving the Falcons for the off-season. If Elliott doesn’t play in the game against the Green Bay Packers, that will be very good for Tony Pollard – the backup running back who had a pretty good eight-week season.

Tony Pollard

Pollard is principal running back caught 14 touches for 131 yards and three touchdowns. Pollard’s presence on the field puts the future of Elliott into question who already faces pressure as the highest paid running back in the NFL and is not playing. Pollard playing and putting on a great performance will increase displeasure with Elliott but so far owner Jerry Jones is confident in Elliott and his presence in today’s game against Green Bay. The addition of Allison in the game against Green Bay will only be decided at game time.

In one of the hottest topics in the league so far is the possible additionof free agent Odell Beckham to the Cowboys Roster. Despite all the fervor and singning Odell, the Cowboys offense is going well and at this point, Odell wouldn’t be missed but that’s hardly a reason not to continue his pursuit. Odell who just turned 30 last week remains a free agent so far recovering from injury. Odell has become a hot commodity in the post-trade time frame market.

Odell Beckham

While Dallas is used to rumors of free agents being associated with Dallas, the rumors about Odell may have some truth given to the open courtship of Dallas and Jerry Jones. But while Dallas looks desperate to make that deal happen, the wild receiver starting Duo of Dallas CD lamband Micheal Gallup is still pretty solid. With the return in the coming weeks of Veteran James Washington Sidelines so far with a pre-season injury hired last match could be an X Factor for the future.

All this hype surrounding this possible signing is likely disproportionate to the actual impact Odell would have on the Cowboys offense. He probably won’t be any sort of Savior at this point in his career but the good news is that Dallas often certainly doesn’t need saving in what the Cowboys next chapter will be.

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